What is a Straddle | Options Trading Strategies

We kick off the Option Strategies Series with What is a Straddle. In this series we will be covering all the option strategies that can …

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  1. Brother I have a question plz, that i think these option strategies are meant only when you are supposed to hold the trade till the expiry am I right bro ???? And those who don't hold the options till the expiry doesn't these strategies doesn't have much importance????

  2. I wish there was no music, Everyone's music taste is different, and if the music is not of their taste then you will always have that unlikeness towards the music (which is 10% of the volume may be) if they really like the music then it will keep distracting from the content.

  3. Sir what is the Difference between Straddle and Strangle ??? Both Work same as far as i know then why 2 Different Strategies Names ???

  4. Great Video! Short and Crisp video! Directly to the point and only meaningful content – without repetition of any points. Can you reduce the volume of the Background music or completely remove it. Just a suggestion! Keep up the good work!

  5. Hi bro I am from South India I don't know Hindi language but you are Hindi is understandable increase little bit English for more understanding purpose thank you

  6. Nice video Manake, I have query For example: If I create long straddle, buy 30000 Bank nifty monthly expiry CE and PE at 1000 Rs each. By end of month if Bank nifty reaches 35000, my CE option will be deep ITM with very good profits but deep ITM will be illiquid and if I couldn't find buyer to square off my position, how can I manage this. What would be the solution. Please explain.. Thanks in advance

  7. When is the ideal time to make short straddle for NIFTY weekly expiry? On Friday or on Thursday, I mean when you initiate it?

  8. Hi, Thanks for the informative video.
    I am more into Short Straddle, so if my view is neutral about a stock + stock is stuck in a range then what is the best timeline to start the short straddle trade? 2-3-4 weeks or 5 weeks before the expiry?

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