What is the difference between cryptocurrency spot trading and fu…

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32 thoughts on “What is the difference between cryptocurrency spot trading and fu…”

  1. You are explaining things as if there is a lot of pre knowledge .
    Really difficult to follow even though I have knowledge.

  2. you need to learn more about market before then make any video ,,, it was very very amature ..

  3. honestly Bro, i didn't find this video informative at all…Its the most confusing thing i've seen on YT and i trade FOREX and CRYPTO

  4. really disappointed i was expecting something that binance academy didnt already teach me. it would be great to have a video that concretely explain the difference with trade examples !

  5. Tried to understand what is the difference between spot and futures. Ended up even more confuse. I guess this isn't for me.

  6. Futures sounds kind of like a limit order set for a future date based off what I just heard. Or like options being set at further dates ahead. Am I even close? Lol. I think I get spots though, not so sure about futures.

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