What REALLY HAPPENED with GAMESTOP Stock? – How REDDIT WallStreet…

As the GameStop stock situation continues, there have been several developments. Driven by the activity on GameStop stock, …

34 thoughts on “What REALLY HAPPENED with GAMESTOP Stock? – How REDDIT WallStreet…”

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  3. is that stock blitz guy for real. he sends you an alert when a stock is gonna explode over night.

    Lance Ippolito is his name

  4. I like this!! Thanks Ron. I have always wanted to invest in some sort of stocks or something but unsure how or what to invest in…

  5. Isn’t disgusting how Pelosi and her husband got shares right before Biden had everything stopped for other people in buys shares of game stop shares!!!

  6. Thanks for the info I really enjoyed the information You shared concerning the stock markets would like to know more about the stock markets and which one is best to invest in. Much Love ❤️

  7. I had just asked my husband, "What is all this Game Stop stuff going on?" I turn on YouTube and there you were explaining it. Thank's Ron.

  8. GM Ron, don't really understand much about stocks, but I do have a few dollars I have invested in stock from my cash app, such as apple etc. Is investing in those stocks on there profitable, & a good thing.

  9. What does that have to do with the stimulus check I could care less about stocks I'm so broke I can't afford stocks

  10. Hey Ron!! Tia Goode here from Hampton va. I saved up $500 to invest but I'm not sure which way to go? What about the index fund way? I dnt exactly understand them but I feel like that's the way I should go. I was also told about penny stocks. Do u know any food ones to invest in? Can you do a quick stock investing for dummies jst to cover the basics again

  11. So where would I go to, to buy stock? I have Wellbull?? I f so need a worthy website to learn about the stocks. Can I buy stocks in Gamestop? My Google is doing good, only because my sister helped me. PLEASE HELP Thank you Ron for the information. ????

  12. So that's why they said a bunch of kids bought stocks with stimulus . for 2 bucks and change and stole from a rich man ? Is that why this rich man Is crying now Ron . I don't understand

  13. Ron I hope you having a good day we is the American people do not care about no GameStop no kind of stocks when there is no money to invest in stock we as American people are getting really fed up with these crooked politician

  14. Will you please find out if Biden restated Obamacare? And if you don't have it people will get Penalise for not having health insurance? When someone dose there taxes? Please .

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