Wheel Options Strategy – The best strategy for Passive Income

The WHEEL STRATEGY is the BEST OPTIONS STRATEGY to make passive income in the stock market with consistent returns.

18 thoughts on “Wheel Options Strategy – The best strategy for Passive Income”

  1. I've done some research on this and have paper traded it for a few months. Based on my findings, covered calls and wheels don't work. They may work for a bit but then a day will come when the market moves big in the wrong directions and the prior gains will be lost. I'd like to be proven wrong though, so if someone has achieved long term success selling options, post a video with your actual trades results and I'd like to see it.

  2. I didn't realize this strategy had a name, I've been using 200 shares of MULN as my asset, selling covered calls on it, and buying them back when it hits my profit target (usually 20-40% because this one is so volatile and hits it more frequently). On the other side, I'm selling secured-puts when it dips so that as the volatility continues, I just keep buying back each side when it hits my profit targets.

  3. Can you do a video on how you do taxes? Do you have to list every trade you make or just your total capital gains and losses?

  4. Great job explaining these concepts! Not easy to do simply.

    I think you said you can have an infinite loss on a covered call. Isn’t this only the case when selling a naked call? On a covered call, you own the stock which offsets.

  5. You're not taking a true loss if the price rockets on your covered call, you are making a gain, just not as big of one as you could have had, it's a variation of opportunity cost

  6. Why do some stocks have a weekly options calendar and others have monthly ones? Great channel, by the way!

  7. Great vid bro. Started wheeling with $3,000 collateral and making a relatively conservative $50/month. Looking to get my collateral to $30k-$50k to supplement my income a bit, and have more disposable income for long term assets. Wheeling blue chips has been solid.

  8. When you receive a credit for selling a cash secured put does that credit go up and down in value when the stock moves or does it stay the same and your unrealized P/L just move?

  9. Which brokerage do you use? Robinhood closes out positions 1 hour before expiration so trying to switch brokerages

  10. I love this strategy but the only downside is if the market goes down like it did the last couple of weeks. I’m now stuck in some covered calls at too high a price average. Hoping it heads back up this week.

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