Who Is Scott Bauer | How I Got My Start Trading Options

You may have seen Scott Bauer on the news, or know him from Prosper Trading – but who is he? Where did he get his start?

30 thoughts on “Who Is Scott Bauer | How I Got My Start Trading Options”

  1. Awesome, Thanks Scott for following your "Yellow Brick Raod" to your calling. I'm excited to learn from you and your team.

  2. Thanks for sharing your background. I now really feeling like invest my time and money to learn from you.

  3. I signed up for Prosper Trading Academy read reviews of Scott Bauer online nearly all were positive hope it's all legit and not a scam I'm a complete newbie when it comes to trading will post 30 day review

  4. If Your destiny is Teaching, I will do My best too learn. And Thnx for sharing Your interesting story Mr. B, We cannot sway fate ….. So I'm here for a fabulouse reason!
    Thanks Again!!

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  6. Thanks Scott for telling your story on how you got started. I am interested in learning more from you do do not give up on me yet

  7. Thank you Scott for this opportunity to learn more of the secrets in option trading. I’m retired since 2010 but want to earn extra money in order to accomplish some if not all of my wish in life. Hope I can have more time with you since I’m still attending to the needs of my wife who’s still working and my high school daughter.

  8. Thanks so much Scott for being there helping people to learn and become better persons. You are so persistent not letting unprepared people down making us feel we can make it and helping us believing in ourselves.
    You are a wonderful human being. Good bless you!

  9. Scott (my mentor) and the Prosper Trading Academy are for REAL, traders for 20 + yrs, great teachers with integrity. I've been with PTA for a little over a year now and there is so much to learn. Thx Scott to you and everyone at PTA. The future looks bright! ??

  10. Thanks for sharing your story Scott! It is quite impressive. I recently “stumbled” across your academy here on YouTube but I believe everything happens for a reason. So I decided to look further into it. It appears to be a good fit for me who — after a year of seriously striving to trade stock and mostly options for steady income — have lost more money than I’ve gained. I’m looking forward to learning a more successful path with your approach.

  11. I am intrigued about becoming friends with you if possible. I have been working my way through learning trading and would love to befriend one of the traders I have heard about. I love trading and know its going to change my life

  12. I am very thankful that Scott Bauer has a heart to help others learn how to trade thru his Prosper Trading Academy. I am a senior citizen and tried to trade on my own and lost a lot of money as a result, and I am very hopeful that I will get a chance to recoup some of the monies I have lost because of Scott"s generosity, kindness and willingness to help others like me to learn how to trade. Thank you Scott Bauer, you are one in a million, a great human being, & yes, a person with a good heart. I applaud you.

  13. Scott, you have no idea how much you taking time to tell me about your stock journey, meant to me. God Bless you and thank you thank you! By the way your super awesome. I hope to see you someday soon. Karen

  14. Thank you Scott for telling us your story and how you got started. It always helps an inspiring trader look forward to making it in the trading world . I want to learn much more from you about options trading.

  15. Hello Scout,
    I like the way you explain things. Thank you for starting this channel.
    Please could you start putting trading technics and market research videos.

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