Why I Started Trading Stock Options (and you should too…)

I’ve made a big change in my personal trading strategy recently and it has lots of subscribers asking, “why?”. In this video I want to …

36 thoughts on “Why I Started Trading Stock Options (and you should too…)”

  1. I have RRSP account under TD Direct Investing and I realized after watching your video and other comparing TD with other brokers, I thought about I can use it to trade options however it is inside RRSP. I wonder how does it work? profit I made within RRSP is not so easily withdrawable.

  2. With proper risk management you can a lot of money with options. It never fails to amaze me to see the profits.

  3. clay, have you ever considered doing 1v1 zoom meetings? sometimes im a little slow and need extra attention to really grasp a good understanding on how to make a good stategy. i like the sound of being done in 30 rule. and im ok with 200 a day. i dont really understand options.

  4. Well there was a sturdy recently about the correlation between stress and life expectancy. Something about less stress can increase your years by at least a decade. So they are trying to make pills that block our brains from getting stressed out. Let’s see how u do with options on a consistent basis. I haven’t really gotten into options myself but yeah a lot of people say it’s better.

  5. Options is something of interest for me and videos like this really help. Also, congrats on baby number 5 (or soon to be)!

  6. Hi Clay
    I start trading option because i think it is the best way to grow a small account. Honestly i am not consistent yet but following you has help me a million !
    BTW… congrats for the new born !

  7. Hi
    Thanks for the lovely videos. I am a beginner at Trading. Which App is used for Trading? Could u tell me how to get all those windows you have on ur Trading Window? Do you have any videos on how to set up all these windows for trading? Thank u

  8. I learned something new. I didn’t realize you could essentially day trade options. I always thought they had a future expiration date like maybe a week or so away. If they’re already ITM when you buy them they cost more right? I need to do more research. I’ve only stuck with stocks as well. I don’t like Swings or anything else dealing with “predicting” what might happen in the future. I prefer intraday price action, less surprises(most of the times depending on the stock)

  9. For anyone looking to start trading options, the most important tip is to EDUCATE YOURSELVES FIRST. Do not just jump right in after learning about the basics, because options can be VERY scary for the faint of heart. Just as how the option can gain value rapidly, it can also lose value just as rapidly, and it's not a comforting feeling to see that red number increase by double-digits every few seconds.

  10. To Clay or anyone reading. Where did you begin trading? What motivated you to Learn it? I have 0 experience in Trading and am looking for insights to how other people began, and which ways would boast the most success.

  11. One thing I love about options on a cash account is the 1 day money settlement instead of your typical 2 day settlement…

  12. To me options were such a game changer, way less Capital need to trade higher priced proper stocks with clean charts with smaller account ? some much potential. Dont have to ever chase penny stocks or flavor of the day again, you can get to know a small basket of stocks and literally trade them everyday. The way the premium spikes takes no time to get in and out of a trade.

  13. You were doing so great day trading stocks that I should be envious. Eh. Options it is then…

  14. I like to learn about the options, do you have a video steps by steps, Call > Buy/Sell and Put Buy/Sell explications? please share..

  15. Congratulations both to you Clay and your significant other on your new born, I am truly happy for you and I hope for the best for you and your family. I believe your kids are very lucky to have someone like you in their life, somone who pursues time with their own family over other materialistic things in this world. May Jehovah God bless you and your family.

  16. You trade everyday and you have more then 25k acc, if i start trading with $2k account and trading options i can trade only 3 asset per week otherwise I'll get pattern flag and suspension for 3 month, is that correct?

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