Wojak Tries Futures Trading

Wojak is working at his wage job and hears someone making incredible profit from futures / leverage trading and decides to give it …

33 thoughts on “Wojak Tries Futures Trading”

  1. I've been trading for a decade, back before all the plebs started burning cash during covid. I'm happy the plebs started trading because now we have videos like this which all veteran traders can relate to at some point in their career lol

  2. Does using leverage put you in debt? for example: I put in $100 at 25x leverage, if it falls, do I end up losing more than $100? or do I just lose $100 and that's it?

  3. Wojak could have used that $20,000 to go overseas and begin a new life teaching English as a second language, still earning a wage but your dollar goes further and you're not getting consistently humiliated at WageDonalds.

    Also, I don't think there's anything for Bogdanoff's ghost to dump, though you can still invest in crypto if that's your hobby.

    Reply if you're a wage slave wanting to become a TESOL teacher working where most people only take vacations to.

  4. Bruh I saw an ad for some condescending jackass showing you “live” how to invest in crypto these jokes are spot on

  5. crypto is not futures, futures are things such as gold, silver, oil, etc. if ur gonna steal the original idea from another youtuber at least stick to the futures idea, and not use crypto like the original creator ?

  6. Me when unrealized PNL is positive:"This was the best decision I have ever made"
    Me when unrealized PNL is negative:"Just why? I wish I have never discovered futures trading…"

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