World's best 9:20 Straddle | Expiry day best strategy with ad…

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24 thoughts on “World's best 9:20 Straddle | Expiry day best strategy with ad…”

  1. Few clarifications :-

    1) Same strategy applicable for Banknifty also.

    2) Stop loss may be 40% also. Keep it as per your comfort level.

    3) Timing of straddle creation may be anytime from 9:20 to 9:45.

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  2. Excellent presentation.

    Lot of repetition in the beginning as the strategy is being explained verbally without demonstrating the figures/calculations.

  3. Good video.. why would you create 2 contracts and make its total delta even higher .. that will put you on a higher risk compared to 1 contact .. which should be good i think ..

  4. Bro, How to adjust Banknifty on Oct 25th Straddle on intraday bases.
    i back tested the same and looks like it is nightmare for the intraday traders option sellers without any hedge. Pls suggest

  5. Logic seems good but…Margin required will be quit high…Due to doubling the quantity

  6. What is the probability of hitting any of my stop loss? If it is above 90 percent, then what is the need of making straddle. Cant we directly sell naked option?
    Why to sell straddle and give brokerage+charges

  7. How much minimum fund should be there in our account so that we may deploy this and also manage the adjustments

  8. Thanks for the question if market reverse you said convert to straddle once reach 17750 level.but SL won't hit for 17750ce by then. you mean no 30% SL after first adjustment?. Please clarify

  9. Sir jo aap ka vedio tha ek 50,30 and 15 delta wala butterfly, sir woh wala call aur put dono me ek sath yeh strategy lagane se kaisa hoga plz. Batayen

  10. Good Logic and explanation, Thank You. Does this logic applicable to BankNifty as well?

  11. Your all strategy are very nice and the efforts you put not only to explain but you see to it that even a lay man with out knowledge also learns is adorable and appreciated.God bless you and advance Happy Diwali.

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