You Can Substantially Increase Your Win Rate With This Simple Opt…

In this video we teach you a simple way to expand your range of prices giving yourself a larger opportunity for a winning trade.

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  1. First of all Seth needs to explain why he used the iron butterfly in the first place because he converted that butterfly into a condor and it seems to me that a condor in general is better than a butterfly because it has a fixed profit as opposed to the butterfly which the profit margin is confined rectangle if you look at it the area under the curve is somewhat larger in an iron condor. So the first question is why use the iron butterfly in the first place? And similarly to adjust an iron condor or you can adjust the short or long call strikes in a similar fashion. I suspected that iron butterfly has a larger profit potential given the triangular profit area versus a rectangular one.

  2. Thank you Seth, It seems a little complicated strategy for me now, However I am sure I will be revisiting this video many times. Thank you for your explanation.

  3. My broker gives me trouble with order execution (multi leg or even simple spreads) my Limit orders ( spy iwm rut spx) are pending for days
    I using Saxo bank
    Any tips for a broker with good order execution ?
    Thanks for any tips

  4. So in the end it gets turned into an iron condor? Also the iron butterfly i would assume has a higher profit target but a lower probability? I wonder how many iron butterflys need to be adjusted and turned into iron condors when backtesting this strategy and if it would just be more profitable to start with a wider iron condor than adjusting the trade.

    Also when a trade like this goes against you is there ever a time you would roll the put side to capitalize on the gains and also reduce the adjustment cost? Is there any rules around when and why this would be good or bad in certain situations?

    Thanks for the videos.

  5. This is one of my favorite options videos from you guys. I like the graph you guys showed this time as I use that regularly when I'm studying my risk vs reward plan. I especially like how you explain how to adjust the strategy when things go against you. It's easy to say we make income with a certain setup but a lot of people don't talk about how much money you can potentially lose if things go the wrong way. This helps us mitigate those losses significantly. Thanks Seth!

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