ZERO LOSS OPTION STRATEGY | options trading strategies | stock ma…

ZERO LOSS OPTION STRATEGY | options trading strategies | stock market | No loss option Strategy Learn the Art to make a Zero …

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  1. सर जी नमस्कार ?, अगर जिस वीक की काल बेची है अगर उसी वीक की काल खरीदें तो कैसा रहेगा, कृपया जरूर बताएं, धन्यवाद

  2. I back tested this strategy ex:-This week Nifty Sold at 17000 and brought equelant premium on next week then price on this week expiry is 7100 then my loss is 5028, profit from next expiry is 1666,the my net loss is 5028-1666=3362
    You said this is zero loss strategy. This is not a zero loss strategy

  3. I suggest you better strategy.. Whenever market is bullish buy CE whenever market is bearish buy PE whenever market is sideways simply sell CE . How to indentify market? When 1 month Nifty chart see price is closer to high then it's bullish.. When price is closer to low it's bearish.. When price is in center it's sideways.. And simply put 10% in one trade stop loss at 40-50% take profit it 80-100%.. There is no magic trick in stock market but with risk and reward the disciplined one can earn money.. Always sell quantities slowly don't sell all at once when you are in profit.. And in loss always put stop loss.. Losses are the part of this game.. Dont Take it seriously just follow the rules and overall you will be in profits.. Thank me later ? edit (if you see trend reversal bullish/bearish if you made losses 3 days continously don't trade for 2 weeks let nifty tell what's it's next move.. Read the market no trade is also a trade.)

  4. In option when vix rises current expiry option premium increase furiously than far expiry option. It is not safe strategy.

  5. Bro apki video acchi hai but jin logo ko lose se dar lagta hai use option me ana hi nahi chahiye aur apko bhi zero lose stteregy nahi kahna chahiye.

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